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Lay down your crown

Why do we become entrepreneurs? Is it because we know that when we work for ourselves we have the ability to make as much money as we want? Is it because we are leaders and we want to be our own boss? Is it to have full control on how we desire to live our lives, according to no body’s rules but ours?

The answer simply put is: YES.

There are many reasons why certain people decide to throw in everything they have and make it on their own.  As Sinatra so eloquently said “I did it my way!” and my way can many times mean the highway for certain people who don’t fall in line with our values or the way we get things done.  However as much as we all love to be in control (or in the illusion of control) there comes a time where we have to check ourselves and look at the bigger picture.  Humility is a very profound trait, one that will lead us down a path filled with discomfort and possibly even some physical pain as a result.  However in the end, no one ever comes out worse off for being humble and throwing down the crown for the sake of the bigger picture.

There is no one who loves to take the reigns more than I do, trust me, I mean my logo in my agency even has a crown and it means something, it stands for experience and the ultimate leadership.  So when that part of my ego gets challenged it can make me cringe inside.  I know when I cringe inside that their is a lesson waiting to be unveiled, and today’s lesson I share with you.  There is always going to be a time in life where we have to set aside our ego and let other people lead.  This is the opportunity that the Universe presents to us to allow us to sit back and learn, grow and be even better than before.

The best leaders are always learning from people who have been there and done that more often than they have.  We can’t get to new heights and new levels of success by always thinking that there is no one out there who can take our hand and continue to show us the way.  So when new opportunities arise that I can see me benefiting and growing from under other leadership, I digress and set my crown aside while I use these new experiences to make me a better business woman and a stronger marketer.

I’m sure that I will continuously be facing the “twisties” in my stomach as I tame the beast within, BUT at the end of the day showing a little humility will go a long way and I’m sure will benefit me more than always roaring like a lion.  If you can imagine how hard it is for top C-level executives having to face the major transitions having to take the lead from their younger counterparts to show them the new era of communication.  These are guys that have over 40 years of leadership ego built up and now are forced to allow others to show them a new way of business, one that they are completely foreign too.

Being a good follower, will make us a good leader.


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