Sari Gabbay


Cannabliss Retreats

Southern California’s First Ever Cannabis Retreat is Coming to Ojai June 22-26,

but this isn’t just your average smoke pot and OM.


Founded by Sari Gabbay to create the ultimate retreat experience.  Sari Gabbay has had over 14 years experience in building brands for lifestyle companies through her creative agency, and recently launched Redefining Cannabis a division focused on cannabis businesses.  Through her passion for awakened consciousness, wellness and cultivating her connections she created the brand Cannabliss Retreats.


This is not just a smoke weed and do yoga type of retreat. The mission is to build a community that values the gifts of mother earth as she continues to teach us how to consciously and physically evolve towards achieving our unlimited potential.  We are creating an experiential cannabis retreat which uses a variety of plant medicines to expand your mind, awaken your spirit and strengthen your body.  In addition to cannabis we will be hosting cacao ceremonies, using nootropics and various other conscious expanding herbs.

The food will be gourmet catering by the company GrassFed a pop-up cannabis catering company.  There will be vaping stations with educational bud tenders advising on dosages for various needs as well as many activities throughout the day including our very own “Plant your Seed” workshop.  We have quite a few sponsors on board and the official cannabis sponsor is THC Design.  Throughout the 5 days our guests will be participating in yoga, meditation, spiritual ceremonies, fun physical activities, creative visionary methods, and much more inspired work!


Because we need to be educated on how to use plant medicines properly, the benefits in which they can influence our lives and when used consciously, how they can enhance our life experience, allowing us to shed what no longer serves us and step into a way of life that elevates our understanding of our existence.


Ojai California – June 22-26, 2017