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Should VS Want

You should get an education
When are you going to find a husband?
You should be married by 30
When are you starting a family?
You should really start a retirement plan.


And if you don’t? Enter gasps, shocked glares, shaking heads, behind the back chatter and so on and so forth.

A representation of society “norm” dictating our lives time and again, STILL!

How often does what we should do align with what we want to do?

Education? (what I really want is to travel the world)
Find a husband? (What I love is my independence right now)
Kids? who’s ready for kids? (I would love to have a dog)
I really want to be a writer, (but I just started law school)

More often than not that voice in our head telling us what we SHOULD do is the voice leading us astray. That isn’t OUR voice, that’s THEIR voice. The voice of the insecure, the fearful, the doubtful, the conformists. And we wonder why we find it so damn hard to be happy. Enter years of regret, frustration, depression.

You should probably think about that.

Or SHOULD you?




Has there been a time in your life where you felt like you did things because you should have rather than you wanted to? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! XO