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Stop the world I want to get off.

Seriously, between Rob Ford, Melissa Bachman and the new game called “Knockout” I’m just totally done.   Some days I find it hard to focus when all this crazy, awful stuff is going on.  I woke up this morning to learn that one of our local restaurant’s chef got stabbed, 24 years old with a new born baby, left to die just down the street from where I live.  I think to myself, it’s a sad, sad world out there what is the point of focusing on work or success when there is so much suffering? But then I remember “Batkid”, where 10,000 people showed up to make the wish of a 5 year old come true as he saves the day in Gotham City (San Francisco).

It’s in those moments that I remind myself that no matter what life is a balance, positive and negative, cause and effect, that we are constantly battling two sides of the coin, in life, in business and in how we face the world.  It is easy to let things bring us down and constantly be surrounded by the tragedies, it is much more challenging to take charge and make a conscious effort to be part of the cause for the greater good.  Business is the perfect place to start, how we treat others, our employees, co-workers, how long it takes us to get angry or react and how we decide to work through our challenges.

I’m trying to focus on what’s good, and realize that what isn’t is the fire that fuels more positivity and prosperity.  Even though sometimes my blood just boils from it all, I try to use that fire to push me more into my very own definition of what I want to see in my personal universe.


We all have a Batkid inside of us, we can all be a version of our own hero in our very own Gotham City. 😉

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