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Why aliens would never invade earth.


Jaded is a word I’ve never used to describe myself, until now. I’m not sure if America was always like this or this is just an eruption of morality due to us facing the devil in disguise and the one not so in disguise, and we are finally waking up from being asleep for so long.

I don’t know, all I know is that when I look at the state of affairs as an observer outside looking in, I am Jaded.

WTF is going on seriously, people are actually talking about human rights like it’s a choice! But I’ve been in a bubble clearly. Canada is a complete and utter utopia (aside from the damn fu*kn snow) I’ve never in my life felt afraid for the future of my country, until I moved to the U.S. 🙁

If I was an alien looking to invade or influence this planet why would I bother? I feel like I live in utter shock every damn day.  I have to say I’m seriously torn, I absolutely love my life, I love the people around me, I love that I’m inspired to constantly be self aware, I love my profession, life is good.  But the world isn’t that good, I don’t know if it’s getting worse or we are just focusing on the negative too much and what you focus on grows.

Every time I think I need to be part of something bigger to help fight the good fight I feel like it’s so useless, people don’t change their values unless they truly are aware of their values.  We are all driven by what we stand for and believe in, but sometimes we think we know what that is, yet we truly do not because we rarely ask ourselves, what in life do I truly value? You’d be surprised what you discover I’m sure, I know I was when I looked at mine a few years ago, and since then I have been working hard to create values that I want to have and not that I’m conditioned to have.

That’s why relationships fail, because people’s values don’t align with each other.  So the world is split and we can’t accept the fact that the other person’s values are still valid.  Even if they kill us to the core, they are valid because a human has the freedom to choose and that’s the entire reason we exist.

We are here to choose our evolution, are we moving forward or are we standing still? or worse, are we regressing?  In my opinion we are evolving and regressing, and there is an evidential yin and yang reality in the world right now.  It feels like we live between the ones who justify the means and the ones who feel socially responsible, and a lot of us fall in the middle, but when the line has to be drawn we all know where we stand.  The problem I face is that the ones who fight for themselves still try to convince the populous that they are fighting for the people.

Let’s just all put our cards on the table and have a true honest to goodness battle of morality once and for all.  ‘Cause as it stands the veil of illusion is shredding and the more we wake up the closer we get to the most epic battle of all battles that will erupt on this planet.  As the Light reveals itself the Darkness fights back harder. Half the time we don’t even know which side we are on…

Where we go from here, IDK but I think I’d rather be abducted. 👽